PRV Crevasse Rescue Refresher - Coast

PRV Crevasse Rescue Refresher - Coast
CAD $849.00
  • Duration: 1 Days

This crevasse rescue refresher course features our own efficient, effective, light and fast crevasse rescue system. This course is intended only as a refresher for students who have already completed the full 2-day course and wish to review and practice their skills.

An important point that differentiates our course from others is the un-roped victim course component. This includes rappelling and ascending into and out of a crevasse to perform rescue of an un-roped victim - an essential skill considering over 85% of glacier skiing is performed un-roped.

Practice the following knots before the course: Figure 8 on a Bight; Clove-Hitch; Munter-Hitch; Girth-Hitch; Auto-Block; and Munter-Mule.

Important Information

  • Geared towards experienced backcountry/mountain travellers
  • Crevasse Rescue Kit is required (rentals available)